Centralized multi-agent implementation for securing critical loads in PV based microgrid

A. SUJIL, Saurabh Kumar AGARWAL, Rajesh KUMAR
2014 Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy  
The promotion of recent critical load securing of power system research has been directed towards centralized commands and control functions. This paper presents a multi-agent based critical load securing in a PV based microgrid. For the trustworthy operation of critical buildings, the reliability, efficiency and security of the power system should be guaranteed. At present, to increase the security and reliability of electricity supply there is a need to design a distributed and autonomous
more » ... et of a larger grid or a microgrid. This work also clearly discusses the modelling and simulation of specialized microgrid called an Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power Systems (IDAPS). The ID-APS microgrid plays a crucial role in constructing power grid that facilitate use of renewable energy technologies. IDAPS microgrid comprising of solar photovoltaic as distributed energy resources, different loads and their control algorithms, has been developed. Several case studies have been simulated to evaluate the operation of the IDAPS microgrid during parallel, islanded mode operation and securing critical loads during emergency.
doi:10.1007/s40565-014-0047-1 fatcat:3goreuhdgffwhiynepgz4tmlne