The Trend of Intelligent Education Under 5G Driven Artificial Intelligence

Wang Xiaoyu, Liu Chunyan
2021 Science Innovation  
Under the background of actively advocating the development of educational informatization, the arrival of "5g + AI era" is leading the educational reform. In recent years, intelligence has become a new development trend in the education industry. The combination of new technologies such as voice recognition, image recognition, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the education industry has attracted much attention. As the main form of future education, intelligent education
more » ... lligent education determines the development direction of future education and has a guiding role in future education. In this paper, under the background of educational informationization, the author first thinks about intelligent education, and then expounds how intelligent education can take the fast train of information technology reform in the environment of 5G technology and artificial intelligence. On this basis, how to explore the future education reform from the direction of intelligent education. Finally, from the two aspects of 5G information technology and artificial intelligence applied to intelligent education, the paper discusses the future trend of intelligent education and provides some reference for the development and research of intelligent education in the future.
doi:10.11648/ fatcat:42ezp72xjbd3zovzqj6zrbu5ny