Patron of good conduct liabilities in Health Public Administration

2015 Ars Iuris Salmanticensis  
The right to good Administration, is being coined from the Doctrine and Jurisprudence and encouraged by the Governance, as a real need to demand citizenship not only the situation of economic crisis, but by the failure of the guiding principles and values our public institutions, also in health. The situations of impunity fragrant actions-activities of many public servants and mismanagement (arbitrariness, corruption, cuts and health services access...) always contrary to the broad concept of
more » ... broad concept of Lex Artis professional, innovative active current in order, to value the obligations of the upright in the public, all public servants of the defaulting government, establishing a pattern that must necessarily pass through the general interest service oriented as the supreme principle, together with the correction of poor performance transparent, the motivation for their actions meager and insufficient participation from the observance of the principles already declared as of right and not as mere prerogative. The relevance and timeliness of the subject, let us add that all figure to develop this pattern, dusting principles from the requirement of a good public health authority, to the great task of facilitating its incorporation into public life and effectively, as expeditiously possible.
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