A study of the fire risk value in transporting and storing petroleum products at a tank depot

D. M. Rozhkov, D. V. Sedov, A. L. Belyak
2022 ХХI век: Техносферная безопасность  
The goal is to determine the individual fire risk at the stages of transportation and storage of petroleum products on the example of a typical oil depot in Irkutsk region and to develop measures aimed to reduce the likelihood of leakage of petroleum products and limit the impact of fire and explosion hazards. The research objects are probabilities of adverse fire-related events (the block diagram method was used) and individual fire risks (the regulatory methods were used). Using the event
more » ... method and taking into account the standards requirements, the probability of accident development scenarios was calculated. Consequences of fire-related emergencies were predicted. The calculated distributions of individual fire-related risks at oil products storage facilities made it possible to identify areas of maximum danger for the personnel. The dangers when unloading railway tanks, storing petroleum products in tanks RVS-2000 and filling automobile tanks were investigated. The parameters of negative events were calculated following possible emergency scenarios for the personnel. The distribution of damage probabilities caused by dangerous fire and explosion-related factors at the production site for the most probable emergency scenarios than can develop at railway tanks on a railway overpass, a group of tanks RVS-2000 and automobile tanks was studied. The fire risk value was calculated at each point of the tank farm. Measures aimed to reduce the risk to the personnel in hazardous areas were suggested.
doi:10.21285/2500-1582-2022-2-168-178 fatcat:jgzzb7lbrbe6pe676sqkjzcvhq