Attitude towards Christianity and New Age beliefs among undergraduate students in Slovenia: a study in implicit religion

Leslie J. Francis, Sergej Flere, Rudi Klanjšek, Emyr Williams, Mandy Robbins
2013 Mental Health, Religion & Culture  
This study examines two conflicting hypotheses regarding the association between traditional religiosity and new age belief: the 'worldview hypothesis' suggesting a positive association between these two sets of beliefs; and the 'functional alternative hypothesis' suggesting a negative association between these two sets of beliefs. A sample of 1,209 undergraduate students attending the University of Maribor, Slovenia, completed the Francis Scale of Attitude toward Christianity as a measure of
more » ... y as a measure of traditional religiosity and the Lavrič Scale of New Age Belief, alongside a measure of frequency of church attendance. The data demonstrated a positive correlation between attitude toward Christianity and new age belief, even after taking into account different levels of church attendance. These findings support the worldview hypotheses in favour of the functional alternative hypothesis.
doi:10.1080/13674676.2012.759721 fatcat:47ceko3twzbh5j4p57fia326uq