Seismic Fragility Curves of URBM Building-A Sensitivity Analysis

Kodiswari, Balasubramanian, N Sakthieswaran, A Prasad, P Sivakumar, M Student
2015 International Journal of Aerospace, Mechanical, Structura l and Mechatronics Engineering   unpublished
Seismic fragility analysis of Unreinforced Brick Masonry (URBM) buildings is useful for determining the possible extent of damage in the event of an earthquake. There are uncertainties associated with mechanical properties of masonry and also the characteristics of earthquake ground motion. This paper discusses the results of parametric studies carried out by varying the values of Coefficient of Variation (COV) of compressive strengths of brick and mortar, and, by using 12 different earthquake
more » ... fferent earthquake time histories available in the strong motion atlas of India. For this purpose a one room, single storey URBM building has been considered and the fragility curves have been obtained in accordance with the procedure proposed earlier. From this study, it is noted that fragility curves of URBM buildings are not significantly affected by the COV of brick and mortar strengths whereas they are sensitive to the choice of earthquake time histories.