Segment-Structured Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings on Polymer Catheter

Taku NAKAGAWA, Ryusuke OHISHI, Naoto OHTAKE, Osamu TAKAI, Nobumasa TSUTSUI, Yasuhiro TSUTSUI, Yasuhiro MURAKI, Jyunpei OGURA
2009 Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering  
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) has remarkable mechanical and tribological properties. Besides those mechanical properties, it has been clarified that DLC shows high biocompatibility in recent years. DLC coating can give high strength, abrasion resistance, and biocompatibility for surface of substrates. Hence DLC is a candidate for the coating material for medical devices such as artificial organ, joint, catheter, etc. The objective of this study is to develop safety protection films for implantable
more » ... ms for implantable medical polymer devices utilizing segment-structured DLC (S-DLC) coatings. S-DLC and continuous-structured DLC were deposited on polyurethane and nylon sheet for balloon catheters. As a result, friction coefficient of DLC coated polyurethane sheet was approximately one-sixth of that of pristine polyurethane sheet, and S-DLC showed very low friction coefficient of µ=0.1-0.15. DLC coating can prevent polyurethane sheet from worn out. The puncture-resistance of nylon sheets increased 0.2MPa on average by DLC coatings regardless of the film structure. It was confirmed that DLC inhibits adsorption of blood coagulation factor. In conclusion, we succeed to verify that these DLC films can improve tribological property, abrasion-resistance, puncture-resistance, and anti-thrombogenicity of polymer catheters. Moreover, segment-structured DLC films exhibits high performance for protection of polymer material for polymer catheters.
doi:10.1299/jmmp.3.358 fatcat:7lwxg3gyebhszm62nslrkm3p6q