Heidegger's Early and Late Views about the Criticism of and Overcoming Metaphysics with Considering its Influence by Christian Theology

Mehdi Paknahad, Abbas Yazdani
2021 پژوهشنامه فلسفه دین  
The purpose of this paper is to study Heidegger's encounter with the metaphysical tradition, to clarify issues such as: how his intellectual life changed this encounter; How much Christian theology influenced his ideas about metaphysics; Accordingly how the project of "Ontological Destruction of Metaphysical History" in the early Heidegger and the approach of "overcoming metaphysics" in the late Heidegger took place; And what the reasons for his transition from "the destruction of metaphysics"
more » ... on of metaphysics" to "overcoming metaphysics" were. This study shows that the critique of metaphysics, from Heidegger's point of view, is a crucial step for opening the way to the truth of existence. The reason is that the Onto-Theological nature of metaphysics laid the groundwork for the historical deviation of philosophy and its departure from the original thought. According to him, the hiddenness of existence, the homelessness and grief of humans, and technological nihilism in the contemporary era are the consequences of this deviation. In his critique of metaphysics, Heidegger's belongs to the Christian theological tradition helped him to interpret his philosophical formulation in coherence with the Scriptures. In this way, he tried to move towards a completely non-metaphysical thought, crossing the limiting boundaries of conventional philosophies.
doi:10.30497/prr.2021.14980.1582 doaj:578950a8e5fc43c79bf6c6b45ad35769 fatcat:aky5xksa3vhizcf4irlgtegcky