2022 International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science  
Nowadays lots of researches and investigations are carrying out by different space oriented companies (such as NASA and Space X) on occupying of planet mars to lift up the human life beyond the planet earth. Since Mars have nearly similar atmosphere with earth and the existence craters on the Mar's surface increased the curiosity of scientists by implying life may exist on other planet rather than earth. NASA launched rovers that can resist hostile environment on the surface of the planet, but
more » ... ever carried crews and cargo. This paper presents about the vehicle that aids crew and cargo to lift off from the earth surface and land on the Martian surface called the MARS ACENT VEHICLE (MAV). It describes about the conceptual design of the mars ascent vehicle and tentative cost estimation for the production of the vehicle. Various requirements of the vehicle such as performance, communication, control systems, propulsion and environmental requirements are explained in this paper.
doi:10.56726/irjmets29299 fatcat:lw4sbrpnefdlzlfrg7euvr6v74