Володимир Шевченко, Інститут спеціальної педагогіки і психології імені Миколи Ярмаченка НАПН України
2019 Педагогічні науки теорія історія інноваційні технології  
Scientific-Technical Activities" (2016) and other documents. The requirements of academic standards are contained in numerous international instruments, such as, for example, the European Charter for Researchers, which defines the requirements for the activities of researchers. The document contains an Ethical Principles section, which stipulates that scientists must adhere to generally accepted ethical standards and fundamental ethical principles in their disciplines, and to broad requirements
more » ... for research rules. Therefore, the problem of academic integrity in higher education is urgent. In our view, it is important to highlight the experience of the United States as a leader in the world of higher education systems in maintaining high ethical standards in teaching, teaching and research. The purpose of the article is to analyze the positive experience of providing academic virtue in US higher education for possible implementation in the university environment of Ukraine. Methods of comparison, systematization of scientific and Internet sources were used to achieve this goal. The use of generalization method has led to the conclusions of the research findings: American higher education has a deep history of academic integrity, so it is extremely useful to investigate the mechanisms of fraud prevention and adherence to the principles of academic integrity. Extrapolation of world experience to the Ukrainian educational space should be considered in order to avoid the risk of inefficiency of the Ukrainian version of academic codes of ethics, and their influence on the improvement of relations within the academic community. Therefore, international experience in providing academic integrity, in particular United States, is important as world universities view dishonesty as a threat to their security and believe that bad habits are the cause of academic failure.
doi:10.24139/2312-5993/2019.08/033-042 fatcat:drfo25jw7ndt7jg6brnbcmarjm