Can Achyranthes Aspera Be Used In Dentistry?

2020 Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  
Plant kingdom serves the best source of remedy for all sorts of problems of the human body. Microbial species that are found in almost every habitat present in nature accounts for about 60% of the Earth's total biomass. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that more than 80% of the people in the world rely upon traditional medicines for their primary treatment. On that note Achyranthes aspera commonly called as chaff flower has got immense therapeutic values. Each and every part of
more » ... nd every part of the plant, most importantly it's seeds, roots and shoots possess great medicinal values. Achyranthes aspera belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. The Plant is a stiff erect annual herb. Achyranthes aspera has been used as a folk medicine in Australia, India and Kenya It is useful in treating cough, renal dropsy, fistula, scrofula, skin rash, nasal infection, chronic malaria, impotence, fever, asthma, piles and snake bites. Their stem parts can be used as an emmenagogue, anti arthritic, laxative, ecbolic, abentifacien, anti helminthic, antiviral, anti plasmodic, anti hypertensive, anti coagulant, diuretic and anti tumor agent. The ash from the burnt plant can be mixed with mustard oil and a pinch of salt and the tooth powder obtained is useful in cleaning teeth, treating pyorrhea and tooth ache. Their roots can also be powdered and used as a tooth powder and the roots itself were used as brushes. In India and Terai of Nepal, the juice of the plant is applied to relieve toothache. The stem of the plant was also used as a toothbrush after removing the thorns. The infusion of the twig is also used as a wash for tooth pain. Their usage in dentistry is remarkable as it has got good anti-cariogenic properties and anti inflammatory properties which has been discussed in detail in the current review article.
doi:10.37506/ijfmt.v14i4.12412 fatcat:f7yibffqlzhyrk5dy5evvxts2u