Dynamic analysis of hybrid energy systems under flexible operation and variable renewable generation – Part I: Dynamic performance analysis

Humberto E. Garcia, Amit Mohanty, Wen-Chiao Lin, Robert S. Cherry
2013 Energy  
Dynamic analysis of HES (hybrid energy systems) under flexible operation and variable renewable generation is considered in this two-part communication to better understand various challenges and opportunities associated with the high variability arising from integrating renewable energy into the power grid. Unique consequences are addressed by devising advanced HES solutions in which multiple forms of energy commodities, such as electricity and chemical products, may be exchanged. Dynamic
more » ... s of various unit operations are developed and integrated within two different HES options. One HES option, termed traditional, produces electricity only and consists of a primary heat generator, a steam turbine generator, a wind farm, and a battery storage. The other HES option, termed advanced, includes not only the components present in the traditional option but also a chemical plant complex to repurpose excess energy for non-electricity services, such as for the production of chemical goods. In either case, a given HES is connected to the power grid at a point of common coupling and requested to deliver a certain electricity generation profile as dictated by a regional power grid operator based on a predicted demand curve. A dynamic performance analysis of these highly-coupled HES is conducted in this part one of the communication to identify their key dynamical properties and limitations and to prescribe solutions for best managing and mitigating the high variability introduced from incorporating renewable energy into the energy mix.
doi:10.1016/j.energy.2013.01.022 fatcat:5i3fsrjazrfxfkwvum4qrvb3rm