497 Endometrial Hyperplasia: Risk of coexistence and progression to endometrial Carcinoma. Retrospective cohort study

MDLR Oliver, A Olloqui-Escalona, C González-Macho, C Pérez-Sagaseta, C Guillen-Gamez, M Martínez- Lopez, A Tejerizo-García
2021 Endometrial cancer   unpublished
prognostic impact was independent of clinicopathological and molecular factors (adjusted HR 0.32 95%CI 0.14-0.74, p=0.0077). Conclusion* L1CAM identifies tertiary lymphoid structures with germinal centres. Our data suggest a pivotal role of TLS in the risk of recurrence of EC. L1CAM IHC is simple, available across many study cohorts and could be readily implemented as biomarker of TLS in future trials and clinical care.
doi:10.1136/ijgc-2021-esgo.158 fatcat:2avvcanvybbr5ajgtwk7xgw7ze