Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentration on the Growth Response of Chlorella vulgaris Under Four Different Led Illumination

2013 International Journal of Biotechnology for Wellness Industries  
This experiment examined the growth response of Chlorella vulgaris exposed to CO2 concentrations increasing from ambient to 8.5% and under white, blue, red and red-blue lights after 15 days incubation. Biomass production increased with increasing CO2 concentrations under all light sources. The highest biomass production, 1.59 g L -1 , was obtained when the algae were supplied with 8.5% CO2 and exposed to white light. Biomass production under blue, red and red+blue light was 1.53 g L -1 , 0.45 g
more » ... .53 g L -1 , 0.45 g L -1 and 1.27 g L -1 , respectively. The research suggests that C. vulgaris is not able to adapt production of its photosynthetic pigments to absorb light sources different that it is normally has evolved to.
doi:10.6000/1927-3037.2013.02.03.3 fatcat:bamfbo5j25bgjpckzszikbeofa