At Men Dan Toch Echt Uit Kalebassen? Proto-Bantoe en de Domesticatie van Cucurbitacreae

Annelies Bulkens
1998 Afrika Focus  
Eating out of Calabashes, Was it Reality? Proto-Bantu and the Domestication of Cucurbits This paper examines the history of calabashes in the Bantu-world. Due to conservation problems of floral remains in tropical areas, no material traces of these fruits have been excavated untill now. The historical linguistic approach adopted in this paper, gives an overview of the evolution and history of different words signifying calabash and allows the formulation of some conclusions on agricultural history.
more » ... n agricultural history.
doi:10.1163/2031356x-01401009 fatcat:jv5uzl6bcjfsthmn224dsthqpi