Recent Progress in the Electrochemical Exfoliation of Colloidal Graphene: A Review [chapter]

Randhir Singh
2021 Colloids - Types, Preparation and Applications [Working Title]  
Graphene is a wonder nanomaterial which is used in a wide variety of electronics applications because of its excellent electrical, optical, chemical and mechanical properties. For the efficient use of graphene in the preparation of modern electronics devices it is imperative to first prepare a colloidal solution of graphene. Although various techniques are being used for the synthesis of colloidal form of graphene, the synthesis of colloidal graphene via electrochemical exfoliation is time
more » ... iation is time saving and easy, facile method which can be easily performed in the laboratory without any expensive and sophisticated equipment as required in other techniques. Through electrochemical exfoliation of colloidal graphene, high quality graphene can be obtained within short time. Further, after the electrochemical exfoliation of colloidal graphene, the colloidal solution is stable in the organic solvent for few weeks. The conducting electrodes prepared by this colloidal solution of graphene have wide application in the areas of flexible energy storage devices and sensors fabrication.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.95522 fatcat:mldd6wojxbhgpht2wrm2iyruya