Practical Learning: Exploring the Senses for More Effective Learning

Dr Henry, Erhamwenmwonyi Asemota
Realia describes actual objects that aid in learning and help in developing knowledge and vocabulary. It replicates experiences and provides the opportunity for students to explore the various senses used in learning through interaction with real objects. It may not be always be available for use in the classroom setting at all times; however, it provides students an effective method for experiencing first-hand the available facts about a topic. Imaging is a technique that used to make students
more » ... ed to make students to visualize images in their minds in order to facilitate their understanding of concepts or problems to be answered. Teachers verbally stimulate student to make them envision scenarios in their minds that is being discussed in a text or a problem to be solved. Once images are enlivened in students' minds, the teacher urges the students to describe what they see in vivid detail. Teachers provide an opportunity for students to work together with other students in groups. Graphic organizers are visuals or pictorial images created to represent ideas, text or connections between texts. Concept mapping is learning based on visual representation and interaction among different concepts. Story mapping is a technique for graphically representing ideas. It involves applying interactive strategies in learning language. Retraining language teachers on how to employ interactive strategies is important for more productive teaching and learning. Constructivist theorists consider learning to be more effective when students work in groups in a collaborative manner and are actively involved in the learning process. Introduction: The various instructional resources and teaching resources are developed for a more enhanced learning process. These resources are often developed with the goal of allowing greater student-teacher and student-student interaction. Many of these interactive sources rely on the ability to effectively engage the senses in the learning process thereby making learning a more complete and holistic activity that is seen to be more stimulating, effective, motivating, efficient and productive.