Oleg V. Fat'yanov, Paul D. Asimow, Thomas J. Ahrens, Mark Elert, Michael D. Furnish, William W. Anderson, William G. Proud, William T. Butler
Shock temperature measurements via optical pyrometry are being conducted on <100> single-crystal MgO preheated beftire compression to 1905-1924 K. Planar shocks were generated by impacting hot Mo(driver plate)-MgO targets with Mo or Ta flyers launched by the Caltech two-stage light-gas gun up to 6.6 km/s. Quasi-brightness temperature was measured with 2-3% uncertainty by a 6-channel optical pyrometer with 3 ns time resolution, over 500-900 nm spectral range. A high-power, coiled irradiance
more » ... led irradiance standard lamp was adopted ftir spectral radiance calibration accurate to 5%. In our experiments, shock pressure in MgO ranged from 102 to 203 GPa and the corresponding temperature varied from 3.78 to 6.53 kK. For the same particle velocity, preheated MgO Hugoniot has about 3% lower shock velocity than the room temperature Hugoniot. Although model shock temperatures calculated ftir the solid phase exceeded our measurements by ~5 times the uncertainty, there was no clear evidence of MgO melting, up to the highest compression achieved.
doi:10.1063/1.3295277 fatcat:qjelhyyutbfcjflfkd6755nguq