Asociety for the Accurate and Systematic Investigation of the Archaeology, Topography , Geology and Physical Geography, and Manners and Customs, of the Holy Land , for Biblical Illustration

G. Grove
1865 Palestine Exploration Quarterly  
Damascus, Tell Salhiyeh, and Harran el-A\vamid. The lakes east of Damascus are in course of exploration. Archaeology.-Plans with detailed drawings and photographs have been made of the old temple at Deir el-Kalah (near Beyrout), the Temple of Mejdel-Anjar, the old city of Chalcis,' a small Greek church at Masi, the Basilica of Tlieodosius at Baalbek (in the great quadrangle abutting on the western end of the great temple, the back of the apsis resting on the steps), the temple at Ain-Fijeh, and
more » ... e at Ain-Fijeh, and the Roman gate at Damascus-Bab Shurky. The exploration of the Assyrian mound, at Tell Salhiyeh, near Damascus, had been commenced. A plan of the great mosque at Damascus, with photographs of details, was also in course of execution. Photographs.-In addition to those above mentioned, careful photographs, of a large size, had been taken of various objects of interest along the road between Beyrout and Damascus, some of these for the first time. Inscriptions.-At Tell Salhiyeh, and Harran el-Awamid, inscriptions had been found, apparently not hitherto known. A desire having been widely expressed for detailed information on the route and objects of the first expedition of this Association, the following statement is made :-The expedition is under the charge of Captain. C. W. Wilson, Royal Engineers, who conducted with so much ability and tact the Ordnance survey of Jerusalem in 1863 and 1864. Captain Wilson has under his
doi:10.1179/peq.1865.1-2.004 fatcat:oopb3kpperasndk4l4n4nn44ie