El Diseño Curricular por Competencias: Una Experiencia de Investigación-Acción en la Asignatura de Tecnología en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria

Javier Prieto Pariente, Alejandra Martínez-Monés, Iván M. Jorrí­n Abellán
2016 Qualitative Research in Education  
Competency-based evaluation is a priority in the last legislative frameworks that regulate the educational system in Spain. However, this evaluation procedure has not been satisfactorily resolved in any of these frameworks. In this paper we present a proposal for the integration of competences in the design of learning sequences. This proposal has emerged as a result of an action research process conducted for a couple of years by a team of three researchers, leaded by a technology teacher in
more » ... nology teacher in mandatory secondary education. The proposal was made in accordance with LOE (the Spanish General Educational Law approved in 2006), but as discussed in the article, it adapts to the proposal made afterwards by LOMCE (the current Spanish General Education Law, approved in 2013) to overcome some of the issues found in the implementation of Competency-based evaluation. The findings of the study show that it is necessary to break down the learning standards defined in LOMCE to facilitate their assessment. Moreover, we have also found that the evaluation of learning should be continuous and differentiated based on observation according to the learning goals.
doi:10.17583/qre.2016.1713 fatcat:xn6cwkkv2facnojtdsxdwraslu