Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Scheduling Model for Hybrid AC/DC Distribution Network Considering Converters and Energy Storage System

Peng Kang, Wei Guo, Weigang Huang, Zejing Qiu, Meng Yu, Feng Zheng, Yachao Zhang
2019 Applied Sciences  
The development of DC distribution network technology has provided a more efficient way for renewable energy accommodation and flexible power supply. A two-stage stochastic scheduling model for the hybrid AC/DC distribution network is proposed to study the active-reactive power coordinated optimal dispatch. In this framework, the wind power scenario set is utilized to deal with its uncertainty in real time, which is integrated into the decision-making process at the first stage. The
more » ... charging power of ESSs and the transferred active/reactive power by VSCs can be adjusted when wind power uncertainty is observed at the second stage. Moreover, the proposed model is transformed into a mixed integer second-order cone programming optimization problem by linearization and second-order cone relaxation techniques to solve. Finally, case studies are implemented on the modified IEEE 33-node AC/DC distribution system and the simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed stochastic scheduling model and solving method.
doi:10.3390/app10010181 fatcat:6ya675ijwrdhlirfmrjg5hdyhy