Aggressive transformation of a quiescent primary bone lymphoma simulating Paget's disease

M Ibáñez, B Cortina, V Gómez, J Álvaro-Gracia, T Reina, S Castañeda, Valle Gómez, Jose María Álvaro-Gracia, Teresa Reina, Santos Castañeda
Primary multifocal osseous lymphoma is a rare and poorly recognized entity. Here, we present an instructive case of a young man who, six years after a local contusion of the left ankle, developed a painful polylobulated large soft tissue mass. This mass turned out to have arisen from the transformation of a centro follicular non-Hodgkin's lym-'s lym-' phoma into a diffuse large B-cell lym-phoma involving the calcaneus, talus, cuboid and navicular bones. The diagnostic diffi culties as well as
more » ... ulties as well as the implications of this aggressive transformation are highlighted here.