New and Proposed Legislation Affecting the Navy and Army Dental Corps

Homer C. Brown
1917 The Journal of the National Dental Association  
Those interested in the progress of the dental profession, esp ecially th ose desir ous of more nearly harm onizing the status of our representatives in the Fed eral service to that of other staff corps, w ill undoubtedly accept the D ental Corps provision in the N avy Appropriation B ill as passed by Congress March 4th, and the provisions relating to the Army Den tal Corps in H. R. 21054, introduced by Hon. Julius Kahn, of San Francisco, February 27th, as indicating som e posi tive legislative
more » ... progress. The provision in the N avy Appropria tion Bill is as follow s: "H ereafter all law s relating to the exam ination of officers of the N avy for promotion shall be construed to apply to the regular advancem ent of staff officers to higher ranks on the a ctive list, the sam e as tho such advances in rank were promotions to higher grades: Provided, That nothing in th is para graph shall be construed as in any way affecting the original appointm ents of of ficers to the Dental Corps as provided in the act approved A ugust 29th, 1916, mak ing appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1917, and for other purposes, and the time served by the dental surgeons as a ctin g or acting a ssista n t dental surgeons shall be reckoned in com puting the in creased service pay and service for prom otion of such as are com m issioned under said act." This am endm ent w as presented to a sub-committee of N aval Affairs C om m it tee and recomm ended by them to the full com m ittee who accepted it an d re ported sam e to the Senate. This ex cep ts the m em bers of the N avy Dental Corps, who were entitled to com m ission s w ith out further exam inations, under th e act of A ugust 29, 1916, from any ch a n g e in that condition previous to th eir being com m issioned. It further provides that previous service as acting or a ctin g as sistant dental surgeons shall be com put ed for service pay and for promotion. This is in harmony w ith the Comptroller of the Treasury's decision with referen ce to the service rendered by the m em bers of the Army D ental Corps prior to being comm issioned. Had not this am endm ent been adopted to confirmation of the m em bers of the Navy Dental Corps, having b een held up for some tim e by the S en ate, would 384
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