Triple-Pomeron matrix model for dispersive corrections to nucleon-nucleus total cross section

David R. Harrington
2003 Physical Review C  
Dispersive corrections to the total cross section for high-energy scattering from a heavy nucleus are calculated using a matrix model, based on the triple-Pomeron behavior of diffractive scattering from a single nucleon, for the cross section operator connecting different states of the projectile nucleon . Energy-dependent effects due to the decrease in longitudinal momentum transfers and the opening of more channels with increasing energy are included. The three leading terms in an expansion
more » ... the number of inelastic transitions are evaluated and compared to exact results for the model in the uniform nuclear density approximation for the the scattering of nucleons from Pb^208 for laboratory momenta ranging from 50 to 200 GeV/c.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.67.064904 fatcat:vd6w2zkyqvf27grmma535rt3p4