Teologi Kepemimpinan Hindu: Kepemimpinan Berlandaskan Ketuhanan

Putu Dana Yasa
2021 Khazanah Theologia  
Leadership theology is part of theology in general, and even various types of theological studies can be raised as long as it understands the frame work of theology itself. Leadership theology is two different areas of science, theology is in the area (Paravidya) while leadership is in the area (Aparivdya). Leadership theology is basically one solution to the decline in the quality of leaders in the modern era. A leader does not only master the teachings of leadership in general, but also must
more » ... ave a basic understanding of theology so that when leading, the leader will realize that his leadership will be directly accountable to God. This study is included in qualitative research. The data was collected by means of literature study. Novelthy (findings) in this study, namely the theology adopted by a leader will determine every decision taken by a leader. In addition, the experience of a leader will affect the leadership style and become a memory so that it will be a reflection of every leader's actions. An understanding of leadership and understanding of theology are a strong basis for a leader in carrying out his duties as God's representative to manage the universe.
doi:10.15575/kt.v3i1.10257 fatcat:t5ioahnrunalxosxb2o2flhhvq