The Influence of Tehnological Factors on the Yield of Direclty Sown Onion Crop in Mihai Viteazu Area, Cluj County

Felicia Susana Butuza Bumb, Emil Luca, Eniko Laczi, Paunita Iuliana Boanca
2015 Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Horticulture  
Onion is one of the most profitable vegetable species, if all technological inputs within a modern technology (from the establishment of the culture to harvest) are taken into consideration. The experiment was located in Mihai Viteazu, Cluj County. In the experiment there were taken into consideration four varieties of onion: 'Roșie de Arieș', 'Brunswick', 'Density' and 'Sttutgard'. The onion it was sown directly in the field. There were analyzed: the influence of technological factors on the
more » ... al factors on the average weight of onion bulb and the influence of on the number of onion bulbs. The three factors in the study (irrigation, fertilization and biological material) differently influenced the onion production per unit of area. In all the experimental variants, the differences between the yeld obtained for the 'Stuttgard' and 'Brunswick' cultivars and the 'Roșie de Arieș' cultivar (control) are very significantly negative, and the yields of the 'Density' cultivar is insignificantly in comparison with the yield of the control cultivar.
doi:10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:11311 fatcat:m32t6i4p7bfqhji23bzwv5nmsy