Cardiac Arrests after Eating Raw Grass Carp Gall Bladders: A Case Report [post]

Jiayan Han, Yan Sun, Luo Zhuo, Dongmei Chen, Fan Li, Shouqiu Huang, Xiaobing Chen, Yanli Wang, Jiye Luo, Xiaoming Li
2020 unpublished
BACKGROUND: Cases of poisoning by eating raw fish gallbladder occur mainly in Asia. These cases have been reported mainly with acute liver and kidney damage. We found that the ingestion of carp gallbladder also caused myocardial damage and lead to frequent cardiac arrest in patients with subclinical long QT interval syndrome. Patient concerns: We report a 57-year-old woman with an unexplained Long QT syndrome history who developed arrhythmia sudden death two times following ingestion of raw
more » ... ngestion of raw fish gall bladder.Fish bile poisoning, toxic hepatitis, acute renal failure, cardiac arrest, postoperative cardiopulmonary resuscitation, long QT syndrome were diagnosed. As in this case, myocardial injury caused by fish bile poisoning further leads to cardiac arrest related to LQTS.The patient underwent continued renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and other supportive treatments to manage symptoms, promote detoxing, protect liver and myocardium in our hospital. Then she completed a cardiac pacemaker placement in local hospital.Her liver enzymes profile returned to normal after 18 days, and kidney injury index returned to normal after more than one month. On follow up after three months, her renal as well as the liver parameters were found normal and she never attack malignant arrhythmia again.Conclusion: Eating fish bile can lead to MODS, not merely to liver and kidney damage. Some of the LQTS patients usually have no clinical symptoms. Clinicians should be aware of changes in low-risk LQTS patients when something special happens to them.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:a47lt4mj6fhlpao4mbf45yhg64