Translational neuroimaging in mild traumatic brain injury

Tim L. T. Wiegand, Nico Sollmann, Elena M. Bonke, Kosisochukwu E. Umeasalugo, Kristen R. Sobolewski, Nikolaus Plesnila, Martha E. Shenton, Alexander P. Lin, Inga K. Koerte
2021 Journal of Neuroscience Research  
Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common with an estimated 27.1 million cases per year. Approximately 80% of TBIs are categorized as mild TBI (mTBI) based on initial symptom presentation. While in most individuals, symptoms resolve within days to weeks, in some, symptoms become chronic. Advanced neuroimaging has the potential to characterize brain morphometric, microstructural, biochemical, and metabolic abnormalities following mTBI. However, translational studies are needed for the
more » ... tion of neuroimaging findings in humans with respect to the underlying pathophysiological processes, and, ultimately, for developing novel and more targeted treatment options. In this review, we introduce the most commonly used animal models for the study of mTBI. We then summarize the neuroimaging findings in humans and animals after mTBI and, wherever applicable, the translational aspects of studies available today. Finally, we highlight the importance of translational approaches and outline future perspectives in the field of translational neuroimaging in mTBI.
doi:10.1002/jnr.24840 pmid:33789358 fatcat:hze44hwaevdibjuo3xoqejsave