Great power ambtions : understanding India's strategic engagement with maritime East Asia [article]

David Brewster, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
East Asia is in strategic flux. Two factors are having a profound effect on the Asian strategic order: the rise of China and the more recent emergence of India as a major regional power. While there has been much debate over the rise of China, India's broad strategic ambitions are not widely understood. The way in which India rises to power over the coming decades, and its strategic interaction with China and others, is likely to have profound consequences for the security of East Asia. Over
more » ... past two decades, India has been actively developing security relationships in maritime East Asia. Some believe that these relationships are driven by India's strategic rivalry with China, while others see it as a consequence of India's emergence as a major power and the expansion of its strategic footprint. This thesis will examine India's strategic engagement with maritime East Asia and consider to what extent its relationships involve balancing against China or a desire to expand India's strategic space. This thesis will examine the foundations of India's emergence as a major power and then make detailed case studies of India's key strategic relationships in maritime East Asia: Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea. An understanding of these relationships and of India's strategic objectives in East Asia will be crucial to understanding the shape of East Asia's future strategic order and India's likely role in that order. iii
doi:10.25911/5d51543a3c77c fatcat:3z3hfxueyfhyhmzrtnk2cwmuuq