Rigid D6-branes on $ {{{{T^6}}} \left/ {{\left( {{Z_2} \times {Z_{2M}} \times \Omega \mathcal{R}} \right)}} \right.} $ with discrete torsion

Stefan Förste, Gabriele Honecker
2011 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We give a complete classification of T6/[Z(2)xZ(2M)xOmegaR] orientifolds on factorisable tori and rigid D6-branes on them. The analysis includes the supersymmetry, RR tadpole cancellation and K-theory conditions and complete massless open and closed string spectrum (i.e. non-chiral as well as chiral) for fractional or rigid D6-branes for all inequivalent compactification lattices, without and with discrete torsion. We give examples for each orbifold background, which show that on Z(2)xZ(6) and
more » ... t on Z(2)xZ(6) and Z(2)xZ(6') there exist completely rigid D6-branes despite the self-intersections of orbifold image cycles. This opens up a new avenue for improved Standard Model building. On the other hand, we show that Standard and GUT model building on the Z(2)xZ(4) background is ruled out by simple arguments.
doi:10.1007/jhep01(2011)091 fatcat:j67e2jkdhrd5xgifr7e4qmkfbm