Sustainable Land Use Management Needed to Conserve the Dragon's Blood Tree of Socotra Island, a Vulnerable Endemic Umbrella Species

Petr Maděra, Daniel Volařík, Zdeněk Patočka, Hana Kalivodová, Josef Divín, Martin Rejžek, Jan Vybíral, Samuel Lvončík, David Jeník, Pavel Hanáček, Abdullateef Saad Amer, Petr Vahalík
2019 Sustainability  
Unsustainable overgrazing is one of the most important threats to the endemic and endangered population of dragon's blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari) on Socotra Island (Republic of Yemen). However, there is a lack of information about the exact population size and its conservation status. We estimated the population size of D. cinnabari using remote sensing data. The age structure was inferred using a relationship between crown projection area and the number of branch sections. The conservation
more » ... The conservation importance of each sub-population was assessed using a specially developed index. Finally, the future population development (extinction time) was predicted using population matrices. The total population size estimated consists of 80,134 individuals with sub-populations varying from 14 to 32,196 individuals, with an extinction time ranging from 31 to 564 years. Community forestry controlled by a local certification system is suggested as a sustainable land management approach providing traditional and new benefits and enabling the reforestation of endemic tree species on Socotra Island.
doi:10.3390/su11133557 fatcat:efftsk64rrgp3hrd3rmurzh5qy