Urinary proteome of dogs with kidney injury during babesiosis [post]

2019 unpublished
This study aimed to identify proteins in the urine of dogs with renal dysfunction during the natural course of babesiosis (n=10) and to compare them with proteins in a control group (n=10) to reveal any potential biomarkers of renal damage. Pooled urine samples from both groups were separated by 2D (two-dimensional) electrophoresis, followed by protein identification using MALDI-TOF (matrixassisted laser desorption ionization time of flight) mass spectrometry. In total, 176 proteins were
more » ... roteins were identified in the urine samples from healthy dogs, and 403 proteins were identified in the urine samples from dogs with babesiosis. Of the 176 proteins, 146 were assigned exclusively to healthy dogs, and 373 of the 403 proteins were assigned exclusively to dogs with babesiosis; 30 proteins
doi:10.21203/rs.2.11052/v1 fatcat:mytpnfuuanbrrmri5cvw2vzfii