Janus green B and the biologic "oxygen effect"

S Braun, M Erdelyi, A Udvardy
1967 Cancer Research  
Amytal-induced ascitic tumor cells have been incubated in vitro with 10~4to 25 X 10~4M Janus green B at 38°Cin 02 at mosphere for 15 to 60 minutes. The survival time of animals inoculated with such cells was prolonged for 18 to 412 days ac cording to the concentration of the dye and the time of incuba tion. The tumor lost its ascitic character and turned into solid polymorphocellular sarcoma or gave place, after a fairly long latency, to lymphatic leukemia. Animals inoculated with cells that
more » ... with cells that had been treated with the highest dye concentration and incubated for the longest time failed to develop tumor and died in a cachectic state. Apart from a slight prolongation of the survival time, no changes were registered after incubation at 20°Cand 4°C. Results in respect of survival time, cessation of the character of the tumor, and the development of solid tumor were the same after incubation in an atmosphere composed of nitric oxide (20%) and nitrogen (80%), with the difference, however, that the development of leukemia remained unaffected. It has been chemically proved that the dye incorporated in the cells of Amytal-induced ascites is bound in toto by the mitochon dria andâ€"within the mitochondriaâ€"by the lipoid part of the structural protein-lipid complex which maintains the structural integrity and the respiration of the organelles.
pmid:6025729 fatcat:72e2wwpzyzfstcnnkmete3zusi