The Scenography of Serpotta Stuccoes Revisited - Material and Form

Salvatore Barba, Francesco Di Paola, Giovanni Rizzo
The material that lies beneath the smooth shining surface of the stuccoes of the Serpotta family who used to work in Sicily from 1670 to 1730, has been thoroughly studied in previous papers, disclosing the deep, albeit empirical, knowledge of materials science that guided the artists in creating their masterpieces. In this work, attention is focused on the solid perspective and on the scenographic sculpture by Giacomo Serpotta, who is acknowledged as the leading exponent of the School. The
more » ... he School. The study deals with some particular works of the artist, the "small-scaled plastic theatres", so-called "teatrini", which he made for the San Lorenzo Oratory in Palermo. On the basis of archival documents and previous analogical photogrammetric plotting, integrated with digital solutions and computer-based technologies, the study investigates and interprets the geometric-formal genesis of the examined works of art. Knowledge of the material composition of the stuccoes, along with the ability to accurately reproduce their shapes, give interesting possibilities to provide a complete reading of the works of art damaged by deterioration or theft.
doi:10.6092/issn.1973-9494/6182 fatcat:fdkqr2mc7bgvxoa3fsbc2xmejy