Round Robin is optimal for fault-tolerant broadcasting on wireless networks

Andrea E.F. Clementi, Angelo Monti, Riccardo Silvestri
2004 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
We study the completion time of broadcast operations on static ad hoc wireless networks in presence of unpredictable and dynamical faults. Concerning oblivious fault-tolerant distributed protocols, we provide an OðDnÞ lower bound where n is the number of nodes of the network and D is the source eccentricity in the fault-free part of the network. Rather surprisingly, this lower bound implies that the simple Round Robin protocol, working in OðDnÞ time, is an optimal fault-tolerant oblivious
more » ... ol. Then, we demonstrate that networks of oðn=log nÞ maximum in-degree admit faster oblivious protocols. Indeed, we derive an oblivious protocol having OðD minfn; D log ngÞ completion time on any network of maximum in-degree D: Finally, we address the question whether adaptive protocols can be faster than oblivious ones. We show that the answer is negative at least in the general setting: we indeed prove an OðDnÞ lower bound when D ¼ Yð ffiffi ffi n p Þ: This clearly implies that no (adaptive) protocol can achieve, in general, oðDnÞ completion time. r
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2003.09.002 fatcat:atpnlglv7jchppyrioi6ekfc5u