Uilmer Rodrigues Xavier da Cruz, Ricardo Alexandrino Garcia
2021 International journal for innovation education and research  
With the emergence of new paradigms in social and labor relations, before the property or assets of a company are valued. However, today, in addition, it is also considered that knowledge (in innovations, technology, experience, trade secrets, among others) adds value to an institution. Therefore, this research seeks to detail the phenomenon of the knowledge economy, in job prospects, education, environment and innovation, in addition to relating this concept to the collection of recyclable
more » ... rials. The problem question developed to initiate the reflections was: How is the knowledge economy related and positively influences work activities such as the collection of recyclable materials? The general objective, on the other hand, is to understand how knowledge, experience and innovations are configured as fundamental for the improvement of processes and work in industries and organizations, here, specifically, the recycling industry. The specific objectives are focused on: detailing the emergence of the concept of the "Knowledge Economy"; understand how the knowledge economy relates to aspects of education, labor and the environment; understand the concept of social innovation and how it applies to third sector organizations; and learn about the "Steps of knowledge" applied to the activity of recycling materials. The methodology was an analysis of the recurring literature related to the topic of the knowledge economy and the recycling industry. It is concluded, therefore, that the workers of this branch make up the large group of Brazilians in conditions of informality and social exclusion and rights, and that is why the discussion addressed here is so important. for believing that the condition of these recyclers continues to be highly undervalued, despite being so important, both for society and for the environment.
doi:10.31686/ijier.vol9.iss5.3107 fatcat:if4dktudpfbx3mnqqqqk6tkbdy