Regenerative activity of stomach epithelial cells at small-intestinal obstruction

V. Ye. Milyukov, K. K. Nguyen
2018 Russian Journal of Gastroenterology Hepatology Coloproctology  
Aim of investigation. To analyze dynamics of metabolic changes in cells of epithelium and mucosal glands of different stomach regions at mechanical acute smallintestinal obstruction (ASIO). Material and methods. The experimental part was carried out at 33 mature outbred dogs of both genders with body weight of 17-20 kg in compliance to the «Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals» (National Institute of Health - NIH, Bethesda, USA) and «Rules studies with experimental animals»,
more » ... l animals», approved by ethical committee of Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Metabolic processes in cells of epithelium and stomach mucosal glands were studied by Einarson method of total nucleic acids detection. Test results were estimated by quantitative microspectrophotometry and computer software allowing to define the number of the area units of the study object occupied by cytochemical reaction products. Results. Obturation and strangulation ASIO dynamics result in decrease of metabolic processes leading to reduction of mucosal proliferative activity and suppression of regenerative capacity. At the same time metabolism of epitheliocytes of coating layer and cervical part cells and cells of cambial fundic part of glands is suppressed most significantly, at preservation of metabolic processes of zymogenic main cells of mucosal glands (pepsinogen­producing cells), i.e. generating aggressive factor. Both at acute strangulation and acute obturation smallintestinal obstruction the most pronounced morphofunctional changes of the stomach mucosa within disease development were observed in the antral region that explains the most frequent localization of acute ulcers in this area. Conclusions. Suppression of metabolic processes of epithelial cells of coating layer and cells of cervical and fundic parts of the glands at preservation of main cells metabolism causes reduction of mucosal preoperative activity and may cause suppression of regenerative capacity and decrease of protective functi [...]
doi:10.22416/1382-4376-2017-27-4-28-35 doaj:ee803d1f504d43bab909cd3f670cc729 fatcat:y6r2zixtyvgv7kllqtqs4c4stq