Event Extraction from Biomedical Literature [article]

Abdur Rahman M.A. Basher, Alexander S. Purdy, Inanc Birol
2015 bioRxiv   pre-print
The breadth and scope of the biomedical literature hinders a timely and thorough comprehension of its content. PubMed, the leading repository for biomedical literature, currently holds over 26 million records, and is growing at a rate of over 1.2 million records per year, with about 300 records added daily that mention 'cancer' in the title or abstract. Natural language processing (NLP) can assist in accessing and interpreting this massive volume of literature, including its quality. NLP
more » ... hes to the automatic extraction of biomedical entities and relationships may assist the development of explanatory models that can comprehensively scan and summarize biomedical articles for end users. Users can also formulate structured queries against these entities, and their interactions, to mine the latest developments in related areas of interest. In this article, we explore the latest advances in automated event extraction methods in the biomedical domain, focusing primarily on tools participated in the Biomedical NLP (BioNLP) Shared Task (ST) competitions. We review the leading BioNLP methods, summarize their results, and their innovative contributions in this field.
doi:10.1101/034397 fatcat:uq5y7yop2nhyfg4ijjy34mwd6e