The Assessment Relationship between Patient Safety and Incidence of Nursing Errors in Shahid Rajaee Heart Center

Aliaskar Askari
2016 International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research   unpublished
The Important of errors in hospitals is an issue that has long been considered in our health system, but effective intervention to reduce them that directly related to patient safety has not taken place. The purpose of this study was the assessment relationship between patient safety and incidence of nursing errors in Shahid Rajaee Heart Center. This study was a Co relational study, which was done in 2012 in Shahid Rajaee Heart Center. Statistical population in this study was nurses in Shahid
more » ... nurses in Shahid Rajai hospital, which among them 450 people, 160 nurses selected by convenience sampling strategies. Instruments for data collections were demographic cheek list and patient safety questionnaire. The results show that measure of nursing reports from nursing care errors is 15.46 percent; also a measure of nursing reports for patient transmission error is 9.83 percent, and the measure of nursing reports from data entry error is 17.57 percent. The result of Pearson correlation co efficient study show that between patient safety and nursing care errors, patient transmission error, and data entry error have not a significant relationship (P-Value>0.05). With attention to the results of this study three nursing error (nursing care errors, patient transmission error, and data entry error) and patient safety excited directed relationship, therefore, for decrease such error between nursing population, organizing training courses for nurses, reducing their workload and provide sufficient time to prepare a report for full nursing, nursing assessment based on quality, creating an intimate space between managers and nurses, and job security for nurses can be effective in solving the problem.