Zetos: Ein Kulturbelastungssystem für trabekuläre Knochen. Eine Untersuchung zweier verschiedener Belastungssignale an bovinen Knochenzylindern

Andreas Metzner, Jones, David (Prof. Dr.), Orthop
The purpose of this work is the investigation of the ZETOS as a system for cultivation and mechanical stimulation of bone cores. During a 23 days period two different loading groups, each containing eight bone cores, were loaded with two different mechanical signals and compared to a non-loaded control-group. The first loading-signal corresponds to physiological walking ("walking"-signal), the second one to physiological jumping ("jumping"-signal). During the run both loading groups showes a
more » ... groups showes a clear increase of their apparent stiffness. The non-loaded control-group had neither a clear increase nor decrease. The increase of apparent stiffness was confirmed histologically by an appositional bone-growth in the form of osteoid.
doi:10.17192/z2005.0340 fatcat:gno4kcgz75cepc7knnbu6ruwt4