COLREG-Compliant Optimal Path Planning for Real-Time Guidance and Control of Autonomous Ships

Raphael Zaccone
2021 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering  
While collisions and groundings still represent the most important source of accidents involving ships, autonomous vessels are a central topic in current research. When dealing with autonomous ships, collision avoidance and compliance with COLREG regulations are major vital points. However, most state-of-the-art literature focuses on offline path optimisation while neglecting many crucial aspects of dealing with real-time applications on vessels. In the framework of the proposed
more » ... navigation and control architecture, this paper mainly focused on optimal path planning for marine vessels in the perspective of real-time applications. An RRT*-based optimal path-planning algorithm was proposed, and collision avoidance, compliance with COLREG regulations, path feasibility and optimality were discussed in detail. The proposed approach was then implemented and integrated with a guidance and control system. Tests on a high-fidelity simulation platform were carried out to assess the potential benefits brought to autonomous navigation. The tests featured real-time simulation, restricted and open-water navigation and dynamic scenarios with both moving and fixed obstacles.
doi:10.3390/jmse9040405 fatcat:op75i74wxrgnlnxfzigr2vmyeq