Nearly diffraction-limited laser focal spot obtained by use of an optically addressed light valve in an adaptive-optics loop

J.-C. Chanteloup, H. Baldis, A. Migus, G. Mourou, B. Loiseaux, J.-P. Huignard
1998 Optics Letters  
We demonstrate correction of laser wave-front distortions by use of an adaptive-optical technique based on a light valve. The setup consists of an achromatic and adjustable-sensitivity wave-front sensor and a wave-front corrector relying on an optically addressed liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. Experimental results with strongly aberrated beams focused close to the diffraction limit are presented for the cw regime. Additional experiments with pulses and measurement of damage thresholds
more » ... how that this approach is relevant for spatial phase correction of ultraintense laser pulses.
doi:10.1364/ol.23.000475 pmid:18084549 fatcat:vcoc43h4jvccnjz4x4ufwremle