Evanescent Waves and Superluminal Behavior of Matter [post]

Luca Nanni
2019 unpublished
An evanescent wave is a non-propagating wave with an imaginary wave vector. In this study, we prove that these are solutions of the tachyon-like Klein–Gordon equation, and that in the tunneling of ultrarelativistic spin-1/2 particles they describe superluminal states arising from interactions between a particle and barrier. These states decay as a particle emerges from the opposite side of a potential barrier, conserving the same initial energy but not necessarily the same mass. The
more » ... ed theory is applied to the neutrino, to explain flavor oscillations during free flight and determine the conditions that maximize the probability of their occurrence.
doi:10.20944/preprints201904.0048.v1 fatcat:gbpd2hbwejfz3d7soqsm4ih6yi