Hounsfield Measurements for Detection of Stone Composition, Density, and Overall Hardness - A Brief Report

Mircea Merticariu, Stefan Rascu, Dan-Valentin Anghelescu, Corina-Ioana Merticariu
2022 Surgery Gastroenterology and Oncology  
Having in mind the continuous development of computed tomography imaging, the aim of this review is to discover the latest information based on Hounsfield measurements that can aid the modern urologist in establishing a better diagnosis and treatment for the lithiasis of the urinary tract. We conducted a literature search in PubMed and UpToDate databases using the key words in order to discover the latest publications that address computed tomography in urological pathology. The series of
more » ... s presented in this review show great promise and although there is no consensus to clearly guide clinical practice, further studies should be conducted. It seems CT scan differentiation criteria based on Hounsfield units is available, and that more and more studies are closing into what we hope will soon be standardized and widely available for the general practitioner: clear range values that will accurately predict stone density. Most importantly, in the near future, we strive to be able to detect stone overall hardness before initiating the therapy, a cornerstone in Urology all over the world.
doi:10.21614/sgo-478 fatcat:z5xu6r3qlzckrcbv2jfcajulx4