Hydromorphological features of the ukrainian Carpathians rivers [unknown]

Vasyl Korbutiak, Mykhailo Korbutiak, Ihor Hopchakh, Oleksandr Kaftan, Ivan Kirvel
Riverbed processes on mount and submountig rivers are attributable to the part of bedload sediment in structure of sediment runoff. Our researches are directed to establishing of calculation relationships useful for solving of engineering tasks such as calculations of water and sediment discharges, riverbed deformation forecasting. In-situ data collected on rivers of Ukrainian Carpathians allows making some conclusions about fluviomorphological features of river sediment structures forming and
more » ... pecificity of channel deformations. It's shown that relative values of riverbed form's linear dimensions, which concerned with channel-forming water discharges, are obviously characterized transformations of bed-loads. Among others, they are displaying the influence of bounding factors on the bar's forming for different types of riverbed process. Hydraulic criterion, based on Froude number Fr and complex (В/Н) І, was verified for Carpathians Rivers and allows defining riverbeds by its types.
doi:10.34858/spg.15.2018.012 fatcat:rd2mldzikbeubpbcrlcmsb5oee