"I've held my breath for five years." A Firsthand Account of Workforce Precarity in Western North Carolina

Samuel Stites
The report presents a credible firsthand account of the relevant experiences of a self- identified low wage worker of a rural county of Western North Carolina. The worker is a public employee in a sanitation department referred to as 'Ian,' but his real identity and place of work remain confidential throughout. From his testimony, tensions in the mechanics of work can be exposed and understood, and appropriate policy and organizing solutions can be advocated for and informed by this knowledge.
more » ... he conditions presented in the case vary in their specificity to the sector, geography, and individual circumstances of the worker, but the information is useful to a broader civic audience, nonetheless.
doi:10.17615/e8kq-5z63 fatcat:o3o35ft5vjafjccpa5zqeg57ze