Intercalation of decamethylferrocenium cations in bimetallic oxalate-bridged two-dimensional magnets

Miguel Clemente-León, Eugenio Coronado, José-Ramón Galán-Mascarós, Carlos J. Gómez-García
1997 Chemical Communications  
The structure and magnetic properties of novel hybrid molecule-based magnets formed by combination of two magnetically active sublattices, the bimetallic oxalatobridged honeycomb net [Mn II M III (ox) 3 ] (M II = Mn, Fe, Co, Cr, Ni, Cu; M III = Cr, Fe) and the organometallic cation decamethylferrocenium, are reported.
doi:10.1039/a703712k fatcat:lvcb4xbevbdfnl2xgjteir3foi