Effects of nitrogen on the activation/deactivation of boron and indium in n-channel CMOS devices

S. Aronowitz, H. Puchner, V. Zubcov
2000 International Conference on Simulation Semiconductor Processes and Devices (Cat. No.00TH8502)  
Activatioddeactivation behavior of combinations of electrically active dopants boron and indium with nitrogen was studied both experimentally and quantum chemically. It was found that direct correlations could be made between relative electrical activity and top-filled / lowest-empty molecular orbitals obtained with a model silicon lattice system. The trend in activation explained the device behavior observed when retrograde indium channels in NMOS devices were created with nitrogen present to control gate oxide growth.
doi:10.1109/sispad.2000.871232 fatcat:p3z4vagxn5gohbcafcvixnejk4