AB0633 Rituximab in scleroderma related interstitial lung disease: a single centre experience from north india

G Naidu, SK Sharma, V Dhir, S Jain
2017 Abstracts Accepted for Publication   unpublished
Scientific Abstracts 1273 myositis. From the clinical point of view, the main pattern of disease presentation was an isolated ILD in all groups at the onset and only in anti-PL12 positive ASSD at last follow-up. Conclusions: Our study seems to indicate that clinical spectrum time course of anti PL-12 positive ASSD is different from that of anti PL7 and of anti EJ positive ASSD. The clinical pattern associated with these two latter antibodies was very similar. Furthermore, anti PL-12 positive
more » ... ients seems to have a more stable disease, with a less common occurrence of ex-novo triad findings during the follow-up References: [1] Cavagna L. Medicine 2015. [2] Cavagna L. CRAI 2016. [3] Cavagna L. ARD 2016 (Abstract). [4] Trallero Araguas E. Scand J Rheumatol 2016. Acknowledgements: To all members of the AENEAS collaborative group.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2017-eular.5384 fatcat:ybufbsngmzha7dprd3rsw7c4ta