A Study on Significant Parameters for Efficient Design of Open-loop Groundwater Heat Pump (GWHP) Systems
개방형 지열시스템의 효율적 설계를 위한 영향인자에 대한 연구

Byeong-Hak Park, Won-Tak Joun, Bo-Hyun Lee, Kang-Kun Lee
2015 Journal of Soil and Groundwater Environment  
Open-loop groundwater heat pump (GWHP) system generally has benefits such as a higher coefficient of performance (COP), lower initial cost, and flexible system size. The hydrogeological conditions in Korea have the potential to facilitate the use of the GWHP system because a large number of monitoring wells show stable groundwater temperatures, shallow water levels, and high well yields. However, few studies have been performed in Korea regarding the GWHP system and the most studies among them
more » ... ealt with Standing Column Well (SCW). Because the properties of the aquifer have an influence on designing open-loop systems, it is necessary to perform studies on various hydrogeological settings. In this study, the hydrogeological and thermal properties were estimated through various tests in the riverside alluvial layer where a GWHP system was installed. Under different groundwater flow velocities and pumping and injection rates, a sensitivity analysis was performed to evaluate the effect of such properties on the design of open-loop systems. The results showed that hydraulic conductivity and thermal dispersivity of the aquifer are the most sensitive parameters in terms of performance and environmental aspects, and sensitivities of the properties depend on conditions.
doi:10.7857/jsge.2015.20.4.041 fatcat:sxjxmtbkkbcdbkjcuv7av6l3m4